My Life (as of now)


“Seek the wisdom of the ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child.” ~Ron Wilde

Hello friends, my name is Kaela. I am an American teenager trying to discern the world and, more specifically, my niche in it. I enjoy lazy days as well as spontaneous and exciting adventures (I have been craving the latter recently). I find bliss in music, thunderstorms, engaging conversations, witty humor, beautifully arranged words on paper as well as the unexpected affairs that manifest in life every now and then that inspire and fascinate me. My passions are writing and equality. I like tea, traveling, John Green, Troye Sivan, Harry Potter, Roller Coasters, Mountains and evergreen trees. I am an Official Procrastinator and analyst. I overthink, underthink, observe and ignore. I’m an individual who shuns conformity and is passionate about change. My friends are THE BEST. My family is THE BEST. You are THE BEST.

 — okay? okay. —


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